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2015.02.24 Un programme à succès en éducation pour autochtones
2015.02.24 Aboriginal literacy pilot project dramatically improves test scores
2015.02.24 Pilot project leads to improvements in education at First Nations schools:Martin
2014.08.05 A mission to improve aboriginals' lives
2013.11.12 First Nations education frustrates Canada (and Paul Martin)
2013.11.07 Thoughts from the ‘father of the G20’
2013.10.31 Former Canadian PM Paul Martin helps Brisbane prepare for G20
2013.10.29 G-20 must deal with climate change says former Canadian PM
2013.10.28 Paul Martin, Lloyd Axworthy, and Bill Graham tout importance of diplomats
2013.10.04 Aboriginal program expands
2013.10.03 Paul Martin launches new entrepreneurism class in Sask.
2013.10.03 Sask. schools launch provincial aboriginal entrepreneur program
2013.09.03 Former PM Paul Martin to give Symons lecture at Confederation Centre of the Arts
2013.06.28 G8 must renew its commitment to end polio
2013.05.29 Paul Martin receives leadership award from University of Guelph
2013.05.15 Aboriginal education vexes Canada (and Paul Martin)
2013.05.14 Trent professors inducted as Aboriginal elders as former PM watches
2013.05.11 The new business model is traditional
2013.05.10 Former prime minister pushes aboriginal education
2013.05.10 Web exclusive: Paul Martin on aboriginal issues and federal finances
2013.05.10 Push feds on school gap: ex-PM
2013.05.09 REPLAY: Former PM Martin talks aboriginal education at News Café
2013.05.08 Martin launches aboriginal education initiative in Russell
2013.04.26 Paul Martin accuses residential schools of 'cultural genocide'
2013.04.26 Residential school survivor says 'walls of silence have come down'
2013.04.26 Paul Martin asks the question for everyone: How did we not know?
2013.04.25 Medium Large avec Catherine Perrin: Paul Martin à la Commission de vérité et réconciliation
2013.04.23 Radio-Canada telejournal 22h : entrevue avec l’Honorable Paul Martin
2013.02.13 What Colleges and Universities Can Do
2012.11.15 A young Paul Martin fights crime and kidnappers in new children’s book
2012.11.14 Former PM Paul Martin praises communications at launch of Frank McKenna Centre
2012.07.02 A Canadian Promise Unkept
2011.01.24 Bring haves, have-nots together, report urges
2011.01.11 Aboriginal education key to future
2011.01.13 First Nations priority for Martin
2011.01.13 Martin dreams of change for aboriginal youth
2010.10.12 Paul Martin - politician, business leader and philanthropist
2010.08.07 Success of globalization rests with G20, Paul Martin says
2010.06.23 Time to expand the role of the G20
2010.06.18 How Canada made the G20 happen
2010.05.10 With all eyes on Africa, Canada looks the other way
2010.02.22 The Global Diplomat
2010.01.13 Does Canada's former prime minister hold the key to reducing Britain's budget deficit?
2009.04.13 Q&A: Former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin
2009.02.07 Economic tough times to continue: former PM
2008.06.17 Congo Basin: A global challenge-Interview with Former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin
2006.12.01 Martin rallies troops for one last time
2006.11.30 Martin breaks silence on Tories: Calls for United Party; Next leader must reverse damage done by Harper's government...
2006.10.18 Social economy ideas can help defeat African poverty: Martin: Former PM on board development bank
2006.10.18 Martin bill to revive $5 billion aboriginal accord approved in principle
2006.10.18 Martin pushes 'social economy' to combat African poverty: Now leading advisory panel, ex-PM urges economic union...
2006.09.30 Merasty wants accord revived
2006.07.26 Premiers, aboriginals press Harper to live up to $5B Kelowna Accord
2006.06.08 G8 nations a spent force: Martin
2006.06.07 Mr. Harper is trashing a historic accord for no good reason
2006.06.02 Martin to focus on aboriginal issues: Former PM pushing to keep Kelowna Accord alive but Tories didn't include it in budget
2006.05.05 MARTIN: 'FUN... LIKE OLD TIMES'; Grandfather-to-be rips Tory child-care plan in commons speech
2006.04.26 Former PM attempts to inspire Mi'Kmaq youth in Eskasoni
2006.02.09 Martin trumps Harper as guest; Summit invites the former PM Will join Blaire and others in S. Africa